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6wo day naps

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mallorcanmummy Tue 24-May-16 13:27:01

Apologies if this has been covered. I've been through quite a few of the older posts and can't find anything which matches my situation...which I think makes me quite lucky!

My 6wk old sleeps brilliantly at night, usually going down between 9 and 10.30 pm, wakes once or twice for a feed and goes straight down again until 6.30-7.30 am.

During the day, there are times when he goes off on his own, but other times when I catch the sleepy signs and put him in his cot or pram, but then he wakes himself up again and is then awake for hours. He doesn't usually cry, until he's been awake for a good few hours, he just kicks his legs and looks about. I've tried feeding him to sleep, walking for almost an hour in the park, sitting with him in a dark room, rocking him to sleep in my arms, all with and without a dummy. `it doesn't work. He is awake and content, but I can see he's tired, for hours then screaming.

The question is, should I just leave him quietly in his buggy or bouncy chair, and accept that maybe he doesn't need that much sleep, or should I be doing more to help him get to sleep?

nearlyteatime101 Tue 24-May-16 13:39:16

I know it's very difficult to do but my in my experience the best thing to do at this age it try to go with whatever works at the time. So if he doesn't fancy a sleep then don't stress about it, and if he looks tired try feeding/walking etc. Have you tried a sling? They work for some babies, not for others of course but maybe worth a try. (An nct 'caboo carrier' is a good starter sling). Daytime sleep often takes much longer to fall into a regular pattern. For what it's worth, I stressed about dd1's naps, I tried all sorts to help her sleep to no avail, and she fell into a pattern around 6 months. With dd2 I did nothing like that and she fell into a pattern around 6 months too. So in answer, do things to help him sleep if you want to or you think it he would like you to, and don't if not.

mallorcanmummy Tue 24-May-16 15:19:41

Thanks! I've put him in his bouncy chair with some sleepy music and he seems quite happy. He went to sleep for maybe 20mins but then woke uo again, but stayed quite content. I won't force him smile

I have a moby type wrap but he doesnt seem to like it much! If he's really distraught and I put him in it, he will go off eventually but if I put him in when he's calm, it usually makes him cry!, gah.

nearlyteatime101 Tue 24-May-16 15:41:42

He'll get there don't worry. If I can do it so can you believe me! I'm terrible with babies but they (and I!) have survived that stage and now we have a nice time together.

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