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Dd 5yo very explosive outbursts, how to handle?

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DeathMetalMum Sun 22-May-16 09:13:58

These seem to be happening more frequently. I say no to something she explodes screaming and shouting, stamping her feet saying I'm not listening to her, she actually gets quite red in the face and you can see she is angry.

Episode this morning, I'm sorting out breakfast in the kitchen for dd1 & dd2 dd1 comes in sees rice crispies in her bowl and starts shouting at me that she didn't ask for rice crispies I want 'x' instead, my reply yes you did dd, before I've finished again she is screaming and shouting at me saying 'you haven't listened to me' I try to diffuse with no avail so I ask her to go to the step to calm down, that I'm not speaking to her while she is behaving like this and I will talk to her about it when she has calmed down dd gets worse, grabs her bowl spills the cereal on the the floor. Eventually I manage to get her to sit on the step and calm down enough to actually listen to me talking before she explodes again.

Now had she just asked nicely to have something different for breakfast I would have changed it, there would have been no issue, but with all the screaming and shouting I don't want her to think this type of behaviour meas she will always get her own way. I'm not sure if I handled the suitation right or not, any advice would be very welcome.

indyswoofer Sun 22-May-16 19:56:47

Mine is 6 and the same, I'm lost too at what to do about it! I react ins similar way but it's not working!
Sorry that doesn't really help but you might feel you're not alone!

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