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nail biting toddler

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SleepForTheWeak Sun 22-May-16 08:10:34

DD is nearly 19months and started biting her nails about 6 weeks ago. She's pretty much doing it now every time she sits down and is idle. The skin is starting to get red and sore looking around a couple of her fingers, but I'm just not sure how to tackle the issue.

So far I've tried ignoring it, asking her to stop and explaining why, sternly telling her to stop (that made her do it more!!) and giving her something else to hold onto while sitting watching the tele. Nothing has worked and it's getting progressively worse.

Any suggestions or similar experiences?


SleepForTheWeak Sun 22-May-16 08:12:29

I should also mention, her fingers are pretty much constantly in her mouth, even if she's not biting her nails. Not sure if more teeth could be on their way (just waiting for he back molars) but it's certainly not helping the skin I her wee fingers

Positiveparent Fri 27-May-16 10:56:23

Hi, you might find this little video useful... How can you help your child stop biting their nails?

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