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Dd age 2 becoming increasing violent

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Mumof4girls2boys Sat 21-May-16 21:46:01

Hi ladies, I'm desperately seeking advice. I have a 2 year old dd who is just so violent and it's getting worse. I feel stupid as I have 5 other kids age 10, 7, 1, and newborn twins but I've never dealt with behaviour to this extent before.

Since just after Christmas my dd has started hitting. At first it was sheer temper because she wasn't getting her own way but recently it's gotten a lot worse. She targets her brother (age 1) the most, often hitting him for absolutely no reason, she pushes him, throws toys at him and just repeatedly smacks him on the head. This morning my she said she grabbed his head and rammed him into the door!!! I'm horrified!! She's actually a delightful little girl when this isn't happening. She's very intelligent and her vocabulary is amazing. My Dh spoke to her nursery to see if this behaviour was displayed there but they were horrified and said she was their model pupil! They did however say that there was a lot of that behaviour going on at nursery and so she is probably copying. It has only started since she started nursery in January.

We sent her to nursery as she needed more stimulation and needed to develop socially with kids her own age. I'm seriously thinking of pulling her out but I'm reluctant because she loves it and thrives there.

I can't take the behaviour anymore though. She hits us all in temper and will say sorry and give kisses/cuddles when she has calmed. She understands her behaviour is wrong as she can say why she had a time out etc but no matter what we do it just doesn't stop. It's got to the point now that my little boy is scared of her and cowers from her. It's breaking my heart, please help mummies!

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