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Reassurance sought...I'm fine until I start reading other people's posts about their child holding full on conversations at age 7 months...

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Jessajam Mon 15-Jan-07 15:56:49

DS is 17 months. He says 'oh dear' if he drops something. He says 'Byeee" and he says "Ah doo Daht" (which we don't understand!).

He isn't consistent with "Dada" or "Mama" or anything else much, although he does babble away to himself a lot.

Normal, yes?

Marina Mon 15-Jan-07 15:58:01

Dd said not a word until she was two. Your ds is doing fine!

lulumama Mon 15-Jan-07 15:58:52


babylulu...17 months, says , hi, dad, dog ,that and

but makes herself understood beautifully with a system of pointing, nodding or shaking her head as appropriate
she certainly understands more than she says

don't fret !

beckybrastraps Mon 15-Jan-07 15:59:45

Dd didn't talk 'til well past 2. Admittedly that is late, but nobody seemed unduly concerned. Se had her hearing tested at 18 months because she didn't make any vowel sounds at all. So your ds is doing much better than she was. I think as long as you're sure he understands you, then there isn't any thing to worry about really.

beckybrastraps Mon 15-Jan-07 16:00:32

That should be no consonant sounds. Only vowel sounds.

hippmummy Mon 15-Jan-07 16:00:42

Yes, completely normal . He'll understand way more than he can actually say.

mrsflowerpot Mon 15-Jan-07 16:00:52

Normal. DD is 18 months and says 'no' and 'beep'. She also says 'mummy' but that means 'oi you do this for me'. Babbles loads, points and does a nice number in leading you to things she wants you to act upon (door handle, juice beaker, Lazytown dvd etc).

kid Mon 15-Jan-07 16:03:54

I was shocked by your title 'child holding full on conversations at age 7 months' I can see you meant 17 months now.
As long as he is making lots of different sounds, he will put them together to form words soon.
I had a late talker and an early talker.

Jessajam Mon 15-Jan-07 16:06:40

See, my rational mind knows full well that he is 'normal' and that I have no need to worry, nor to chastise myself for not putting him on a strict regime of baby einstein products since birth

But then someone pops up with a child who is verbally telling them that they (the child, that is!) have pooed (as opposed to ds's method of just being stinky!)...

Blu Mon 15-Jan-07 16:06:53

Is he saying "I do that"? (a very 17-month attitude?)

Jessajam Mon 15-Jan-07 16:08:30

kid - I was exaggerating a little for comic effect, about other children who are younger than ds doing a lot more talking than him...

Jessajam Mon 15-Jan-07 16:12:58

Blu it sounds so much like "I do that"...but the context doesn't seem right.

For example, ds sitting in his cot at bed time, after story, lights out, looking at me sitting on the floor next to cot, doing nothing, saying "Aah do daht" very earnestly over and over again with little look on his face (bless...)

mamama Mon 15-Jan-07 16:13:17

I know - I have seen a few threads on here recently about young babies saying lots of words (and apparently knowing what they mean)... it can be a bit disconcerting but I really don't think you have anything to worry about.

mabel1973 Mon 15-Jan-07 16:18:59

i was worried about my DS talking, to be honest, it wasn't until DS2 was born when he was 21 months that his speech really got going, I think he took it all in, but was just lazy (typical boy) and it wasn't til he had some competition from DS2 and needed to get himself noticed that he made the effort and literally in the last three months he has gone from saying odd words to having full on conversations, so I really wouldn't worry. (Am not suggesting you should have another baby to get him talking though.....)

IdrisTheDragon Mon 15-Jan-07 16:22:01

DD is 16 months. She says uh-oh, cat, dada and mama. She makes her wants (and un-wants ) very clear though.

DS didn't say a lot at this age - by the time he was about 2 he said a lot. And still does now of course .

IdrisTheDragon Mon 15-Jan-07 16:24:10

Actually DS probably really started talking when he was 22 months and DD was born.

mumfor1standfinaltime Mon 15-Jan-07 16:25:00

My ds has just turned 2 and he still doesn't say much. He says - bus, muma, dada, car, ta, hmmm nice, and hmm mumba whilst eating (no idea what mumba means!).

He has started to 'count' in last week or so, but this is - da, da, tree, da, da, sisx,etc!

He tends to do 'sounds' more than words, a bit like rhymes. He also says the 'sound' for the word too, like a meow is a cat.
He understands everything I ask him/tell him, but that doesn't mean he does as he is asked!

belgo Mon 15-Jan-07 16:28:49

Absolutely normal. My dd was 18 months before she started talking, and her first word was 'aeroplane'. It was ages before she started saying mama and papa.

fizzbuzz Mon 15-Jan-07 16:34:52

Ds didn't start until 2 1/2 years never ever stops! Enjoy it while you can!

motherinferior Mon 15-Jan-07 16:36:21

Just wait, soon you'll have the 'my child is reading complicated books but school is holding him back' threads....

DD2 didn't talk for ages. AGES. Well over two. Now I have two of them that never bleedin' shut UP.

handlemecarefully Mon 15-Jan-07 16:37:04

Neither of mine said much until they turned 2

MarsLady Mon 15-Jan-07 16:38:47

DT2 3 in February.... only just talking... though not understandable. DT1 (same age lol) talks for the world. Completely clear and totally articulate.

Am I worried? Not a jot!

nogoes Mon 15-Jan-07 16:41:33

Ds did not say much until he was 2 then he literally started speaking in sentences overnight! When he was 17 months I would look at other babies of the same age and worry that they said more and were a lot clearer but now (2.5) his speech and vocabulary is better than all of them and his nursery teacher said that he is about a year ahead. So don't worry they all do at their own pace and you will be surprised by how quickly they progress.

Fimbo Mon 15-Jan-07 16:43:55

My ds was 3 in December and his speech is only beginning to catch up with that of his peers. He is also not potty trained and has no interest whatsoever he would happily wee and poo his pants all day long and sit like that. But I just fiqure one day he will decide he is ready just like his speech.

ambercat Mon 15-Jan-07 16:46:14

ds1 didn't say a single word until he was 2.5 and wasn't really speaking properly until 3 when he launched into full sentances and with a vocab. i was amazed at!

He had just been taking it all in but didn't want to try until he was sure he could do it well! (was the same with walking/crawling and reading- hes 7 now!)

Don't worry as long as he can understand you and his hearing is ok he will talk when he's ready.

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