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Why, oh why, does sleep become an obsession!

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Chocolateyclaire76 Fri 20-May-16 17:39:08

My first was a shocking sleeper but at 3 years old is a lot better, along comes number 2 though and sleep is all I can obsess about. She is relatively good but any hiccup and I spiral into visions of what number 1 was like.

Does anyone else feel that sleep obsession has been a rather unhealthy part of their lives and can anyone offer advice as to how I can get a grip and chill out?!! I know it's all a phase but......

corythatwas Fri 20-May-16 18:55:14

The standard CBT technique is to picture yourself in a beautiful and relaxing place.

I would suggest 2029 when according to my calculations you should find yourself in possession of two hibernating teenagers who stay in their rooms 22/24 and never surface before lunchtime. Beautiful and relaxing enough for you? grin

Chocolateyclaire76 Sat 21-May-16 07:15:05

Ha, ha, love it!

suspiciousofgoldfish Sun 22-May-16 01:57:30

Cory that may be the best sleep advice I have ever seen grin

FastWindow Sun 22-May-16 02:04:15

Roll on 2029. Of course, there will be zits, then.

Get your own back by waking them up at 2,3 and 5 am for their 'essential' spot treatment.

This too shall pass? I understand your anxiety. Dont let it rule you, speak to a gp before it gets out of hand. X

twirlywoo69 Mon 23-May-16 15:57:03

I think sleep obsession goes hand in hand with anxiety

minipie Mon 23-May-16 17:39:06

I got like this with DD2. Kept having flashbacks to DD1 (appallling sleeper) and any time DD2 did anything non-textbook I thought the world would end. I actually couldn't sleep even when the DDs were asleep confused because I was getting so anxious.

I think what eventually helped was having a bad few nights and realising that actually it wasn't as bad as I was imagining.

How old is your DC2?

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