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School misbehavior!

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Alex2013 Thu 19-May-16 14:58:59

Pls help

I've received calls from my 6yo DS' school twice this week. He was not listening to his teachers and started a "boxing" game that ended up as a fight with two other boys in his class.

My instinct is to go for the "traditional" method of a conversation followed by the lost of a " privilege" like TV time or lego. However, I'm worried that this misbehaviour might be the underlying cause of something else, like him having problems at school or not liking the new ( ish - 3 months) Au Pair.

Any insights?

pippistrelle Fri 20-May-16 14:35:45

I'm actually quite surprised that a school would call you about not listening in class. It's pretty much standard behaviour for most 6 year olds, so they must spend a lot of time on the phone to parents. Alternatively, there's something more than common or garden not listening going on. Coupled with the fighting, I think I would be concerned and would begin by making an appointment to speak to his teacher to find out what his behaviour as a whole is like at school, and you can see how it compares with his behaviour at home.

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