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Hardwearing shoes for knee walking 18 month old?

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omama Wed 18-May-16 22:40:36

DD is 18 months and is a knee walker.

While this is fine at home, its becoming an issue whilst out (eg in the park) as she wants to get out of the pushchair & play with her brother but its completely trashing the tops of her shoes & is costing me a small fortune to replace them. This time I've got cheaper (canvas) ones instead of Clarks but she's only had them a week & they're already black & have holes in the top.

Any suggestions on what I can put on her feet that will be more hardwearing yet still summery? And still flexible soled (prewalker/cruiser), size 3.5. Short of steel toe caps/shoes with a rubber sole on the top I'm not sure what I can go for!

VioletBam Thu 19-May-16 01:18:05

Crocs! Ugly I know but if you buy fake ones they are cheap and they're tough.

I know they aren't flexible soled but you'll have a hard time finding much else.

VioletBam Thu 19-May-16 01:18:23

Just for the park they'll be fine and you can have nicer ones for other times.

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