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We've just made the move!

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Julieb85 Wed 18-May-16 19:30:38

I'm 20 weeks pregnant with DC2 and have just taken the opportunity move DS into a bed tonight! He's been having a tough time settling to his new 'big boy' room in nursery so thought we'd do this to help him understand he's a big boy now! So far so good (it's only been half an hour!) but I've currently set up camp in the spare room just incase he goes for a wander! Is that normal or am I being 'that mother'?!!!

VioletBam Thu 19-May-16 02:27:13

Lol....congratulations! I do think you're being a tad over cautious sleeping in the spare room. It might be better to keep things normal for him.

How old is he?

Julieb85 Thu 19-May-16 09:48:19

I didn't sleep in the spare room - I thought that a bit much 😂 I did sit in there watching tv for the night tho! He's just turned 2....didn't move a muscle all night and even stayed in his bed until his grow clock was yellow! Happy refreshed mummy!

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