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Help! Small poos all day long!

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VixtaT Tue 17-May-16 22:16:32

My Dd is 2.5 year old. She is not yet potty trained ( refuses to sit on potty !) she has started doing small poos all day long, Yesterday I changed her nappy over 10 times! I don't know how to stop her doing it . I have explained to her that she is a big girl and needs to do a 'big poo', she said that she 'cant' . She is more than physically capable of this And has done in the past. I think she a number of phobias. the first the action of being changed , she hates it, and will fib if I ask her if she needs a change. Its like a wrestling match he get her changed . Also she will soil in the night and whilst she has nights that she will call for a change , others she won't and this will result in a very sore bottom the next morning. The second is that whilst currently She isn't constipated She has been one time in the past and pooing was very painful for her. I don't know how to get her passed this . Does anyone have experience of this or any advice on what to do going forward ?

Kariana Tue 17-May-16 23:03:52

Are you thinking that the reason for the small poos is because she is trying to stop herself part way through poking resulting in it not all coming out? Other than that I can't see how she would be able to help doing small poos rather than one large one. Do you think the night soiling is because she is holding it in the day? Has she previously gone nights not soiling (when not constipated)?

VixtaT Wed 18-May-16 08:39:41

Hi Kariana, yes I think this is a distinct possibility, she will cross her legs and tense when she goes. The night soiling did start occurring after her constipation.

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