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5 year old tantrums / change in behaviour - help!

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timefliesby Mon 16-May-16 19:12:57

There's been a change in behaviour with my 5 year old (nearly 6) over the past few weeks.
She started by using sounds instead of words, even though she's a fluent reader.
She'll say "dah" to things. Then she started tantruming, much like the terrible twos, except it's much harder to deal with with a 5 year old. She will say things she knows she can't do. So on Friday when I picked her from school, she said she wanted to stay at school, she repeated this for an hour and a half, I had to carry her to the car. She refused to put her seatbelt on, then when I took her to her room, spent 40 minutes kicking the door in. Today when I picked her up from a childminder, I was told she has sat under the table during singing club, taken her shoes and socks off and said she hated her new shoes ( chosen by her on Saturday - cost me £47!). Again wouldn't get in childminder's car (she's known her since she was a baby and they are very close). Her brother said she mentioned she doesn't want me to get married. But this doesn't make any sense either. I left her father when she was 1 (he was mentally abusive), she has known my partner for 4 years and he is so, so kind to her and she always runs and hugs him and hangs off his leg etc when he is here. I asked if that was unprompted, her brother says it was. Every time I ask why the tantrums I get a different excuse. Both the school and childminder have commented how stubborn she is during a tantrum and how long they go on for (over an hour). Any ideas? I was thinking of taking her to a psychologist! She is generally biddable, smiley, quirky and a nice girl. She has always had very stubborn tantrums but they eased when you'd expect them to around the time she started reception (July baby) . We're at end of year 1 now and they are back - boy are they back bigger and more disruptive than before. Help!

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