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16 month old's strops?

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Jw35 Fri 13-May-16 10:39:28

Hi I know about tantrums and why they usually occur, but I admit I'm stumped by my 16 month old dd's behaviour lately! So it's 10.30 in the morning, she slept from 7pm-7am and had a 2 hour nap yesterday. She normally naps around 12.30 so ruling out tiredness! She had breakfast at 8am and lunch is due at 11am which is normally fine without a snack. She's been offered water. Anyway we went to the park at 10am, she's comfortable and clean nappy etc. I pushed her on the swing and she was giggling. All of a sudden she started throwing herself about in the swing whinging so I put my hands out to take her out. She resisted so I tried another push and once again she whinged s I took her out. Then she collapsed on the grass and put her bum in the air and made whinge noises. She's done this a few times this week, also at toddler group yesterday around the same time. In that case I offered a snack in case it was that but she refused. Yesterday I left her to it and sat next to her and she eventually came round and played. This morning I put her in the buggy where she had a short cry and is now content walking home!
What's going on here? I don't know what the strops are for! She doesn't have long ones but doesn't seem to want anything or be comforted! It's confusing me! She was teething last fortnight but the two teeth that were breaking through are through and she's not chewing hands or dribbling etc. no obvious cold or discomfort. What do you think?! Thanks

Wollyfish Fri 13-May-16 13:06:07

Hi, no particular advice but I've had the same with my DS and it seems to be something they can do out of frustration at this age. I've also found trying to comfort or offer suggestions/distractions has not made any difference. They just get over it by themselves it seems.

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