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10 month old started trying to crawl

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BettyBleue Thu 12-May-16 20:02:19

Hi, for the past week my 10 month old DD has started trying to crawl. Previously she hated being on her tummy for any length of time, but now she wants to be on her tummy all the time.

The problem is when she goes to bed at night. She keeps flipping onto her front but then struggles to get onto her back again, starts crying, and I have to turn her onto her back. She sleeps in a growbag, so I guess this makes it difficult for her to move. This happens several times throughout the night. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Did you turn them onto their back or leave them on their front? I did find her sleeping peacefully on her front the other night, so I'm thinking maybe if I left her she would fall asleep, but I don't want her to be distressed.

Thank you.

Miloarmadillo1 Thu 12-May-16 20:08:11

All my three have chosen to sleep on their tummies bum in the air as soon as they could roll. If the Grobag is impeding her movements maybe it's time to switch to a duvet? I wouldn't use a pillow though.

BettyBleue Thu 12-May-16 20:11:46

Thanks Milo. I use a sleeping bag as she throws off a duvet or blanket, but now the weather's getting warmer I will try her again with a blanket or duvet. Hopefully she'll be able to roll then back onto her back if she wants to.

comeagainforbigfudge Thu 12-May-16 20:19:22

My dd did this when she was learning to crawl. Then as soon as she figured it out stopped crying/waking self up.

She still flips over and is most commonly found at opposite end of cot from where i put her down with head right against headboard, the daftie

strawberrybubblegum Thu 12-May-16 20:23:54

My DD went through a phase of this when she had just learned to roll over. I think their brain wants to keep practising the new skill even in their sleep!

What worked fairly well for us was putting a rolled up towel right next to her - under her arm and almost tucked under her bum - on the side she used to roll onto. She did still roll a few times a night, but not within 10 secs of being put down!

She was a bit younger though (and hence lighter and not as strong). She also doesn't generally move much in her sleep. So I don't know whether it would work for others. I don't even know whether it's a great idea safety-wise! We obviously kept the towel well below head level, and as I say our DD barely moves in her sleep (apart from this rolling).

It only lasted a few weeks for us. Felt like long weeks though!

Congrats on your DD starting to try to crawl, btw! It's lots of fun when they can move around and start exploring!

BettyBleue Fri 13-May-16 22:52:16

Thank you all for your help and advice. It sounds like it isn't too much to worry about with her rolling on her front in her cot. If it keeps happening and she gets distressed, I might try her with a blanket or duvet when the weather gets warmer (and it doesn't matter so much if she throws it off) so it's easier for her to roll on her back, and also try the rolled up towel next to her.

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