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4yo, development checkup, pictures - vote please! [lighthearted]

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toomuchtooold Thu 12-May-16 12:19:35

Hi all,
My 4yo DT2 has a routine development checkup today (we live in Germany, they get one every year till age 9). We have to take along a picture that she's drawn. I'm a bit confused about what to take... DT1 had her one on Monday, and that was easy - she draws lots of pictures of us and DH all holding hands, like something out of a child development textbook. But DD2 is a bit more off piste...
So here they are - why do you think?
1. This has got people on it at least although she lost interest halfway through and started tearing it up before her kindergarten teacher rescued it to put it in her folder
2. This is Ariel riding a shark. There's not much detail but that's a bloody awesome shark.
3. This is... I don't know, it might be a ladybird. But why are its spots hovering above its back? Have I maybe got it upside down?

What do you think? I thought about taking all three but they'll think I'm an overanxious pushy mum. I wish! Too busy just trying to deal with 2 preschoolers at the same time smile

minipie Thu 12-May-16 14:43:52

Ariel on the shark, or the ladybird. I would imagine they are looking to see fine motor skills rather than drawing something that looks like it's supposed to iyswim!

toomuchtooold Thu 12-May-16 17:23:51

In the end he just asked "can she draw?" and that was it! Oh and she had to hop on one leg smile

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