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How long does teething pain last

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loztredders Wed 11-May-16 14:22:46

So ella has been teething for what seems like weeks although fairly mildly up until 3 nights ago.
Past 3 nights have been rough. One tooth is a tiny bit through and the other had just become visible. These are her first two teeth lower central incisors. They were not visible at all until 3 days ago so clearly they are now really on the way in.

How long before they are fully cut and stop bugging her so much in your experience?

NickyEds Wed 11-May-16 14:32:18

Once they were fully through, so you could definitely see teeth,probably a week of the really grumpy stuff. Then another two years of the on-off low level grumpy stuff! In my experience the first were the worst though.

minipie Wed 11-May-16 14:32:34

Once they're partly through it's only a few more days till they are fully through, IME. (Except with molars which can take forever as they're like 4 separate teeth each!)

You say the other one is at the "just visible but under the surface" stage - IME that means it could come through quickly or could just decide to stop and sit there for a bit (and stop hurting) and then restart later. But if its twin is through then it's likely to come very soon.

magicboy79 Sat 14-May-16 00:20:46

I remember thinking "come October hel be over this bad teething pain of molars" it's May now and thy have only come through! Talk about a nightmare to feed, on and off his food, he's still really badly chewing his fingers quite often. Never seen a boy take teething so badly. I have another boy turning 7 months this weekend and he's 2 teeth and you wouldn't know! Thy are all so different

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