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toddler started struggling to get words out

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LimesMum Fri 06-May-16 07:45:46


My 2 yrs 3 months DD has spoken really well from a really young age but in the last few weeks she seems to be struggling to get her words out. Kind of stuttering, she goes bright red and looks like she is trying so hard to say whatever she is trying to get out, eventually it come out. It's not all the time and seems worse when she is excited.

Is this normal? Anyone else experienced it?

JeepersMcoy Fri 06-May-16 07:51:02

This sounds like my dd when she is really excited. I think she just wants to say something before she has really thought about what words she is going to use. I think it's rather cute and it never crossed my mind it was a problem.

MrsJamin Fri 06-May-16 07:54:36

At moments of big changes in the language part of the brain, this can often trigger stuttering. Both my DSs have stuttered in very noticeable periods of time and then as soon as it starts, it stops and their language use deepens. It has happened also with big changes in learning to read. Just be patient, let her get her words out in her own time and if she's getting upset just do some slow breathing with her to try again.

Emus Fri 06-May-16 07:59:54

Totally normal!

This happened to our ds, although he was nearing age 3. It was a sudden overnight change and was really starting to worry me as he literally got stuck on words, typically 'i' or similar. I googled it and spoke to several friends and turns out it's normal and part of a developmental stage they go through.

Our ds stuttering lasted a week and then as quickly as it started it stopped. Freaked me out for a bit though but it never seemed to bother him so we just tried to ignore it and not try to finish his sentences for him etc. We set ourselves a time limit of two weeks and if he was still doing it then a GP visit was in order. Keep an eye on it but I'm sure it's all part of growing up!

Hersetta427 Fri 06-May-16 08:10:06

My very verbal DS developed a stutter at this age. It was horrible to watch him struggle with certain sounds (unfortunately Mummy being one of them). The worst was he was so aware of it that for a 5 day period he went completely non verbal which was horrible - he wouldn't even say yes or no.Wwe took him to the hospital to make sure that nothing was wrong but he was given the all clear.

We took him to our local children speech therapy unit and he had a few sessions but they said most likely he wanted to say so much that his mouth couldn't keep up with this brain. Now age 4 he never stutters - starting school really helped. I am sure most likely it is just developmental and will resolve itself.

KW89 Fri 06-May-16 22:21:30

My son went through exactly the same at your daughters age, we were really worried, but were told it was quite common for their age. It lasted around two months (some days worse than others) then suddenly stopped. He is now 2.8 and speaks really clearly with no stutter. Health visitor told us not to worry unless he was still stuttering at 3.

Moving15 Fri 06-May-16 22:32:45

If she is getting embarrassed by it then I would assume she can't help it. The only reason I say that is my first mimicked a girl in his class and his stutter was completely fake. That was age 6. We asked him to repeat what he said properly and he always could. You could tell from his body language what was going on.
However my second went through a similar thing and the same strategy didn't work. So we reacted with a poker straight face and waited until he said what he wanted to say. Sometimes it took ages so we would distract him with a 'hey look at that!' Or 'oh my goodness' (we live in a dynamic environment with leaping kittens and such like) which snaps him out of his stutter. He would start over and it would come out just fine.
Queue a summer hol and lots of adult interaction and it all disappeared.

LimesMum Sat 07-May-16 06:17:43

Thanks all this is reassuring and hopefully just a phase she is going through then. (Along with the waking up at ridiculous o clock urghhhh!!!!)

Panicmode1 Sat 07-May-16 07:07:04

Totally normal. My mother is a SALT and my DS, who had been very verbal very early, suddenly started doing this. Cue frantic call to my mother who reassured me that at this age, the brain development and speech development can sometimes be slightly out of synch. and the child is thinking faster than they can process language. It didn't last very long...couple of weeks maybe? If it persists for much longer, then I would try to see someone (for reassurance mainly).

YoJesse Sun 08-May-16 06:40:26

Apparently this is really normal. My ds will stutter the beginning of some sentences about ten times before getting out what he wants to say. Speech therapist said to not rush him, get down to his level and lots of eye contact and encouraging smiles but no butting in or trying to answer for him.

LimesMum Fri 13-May-16 22:43:14

Thanks all, made me feel better although most of you seem to say it only lasted a short time but this has been 3-4 weeks now, hope it stops soon, seems to be getting worse if anything...

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