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Ed psych meeting and pia SALT team.

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slightlyinsane Wed 04-May-16 11:42:11

I've got a long awaited meeting with the ed psych tomorrow and my god am I nervous.
It's for my nearly 6 yr old ds. He has a speech disorder (no diagnosis for it) and been under SALT for 3 years. Although he's improved he's still got such a long way to go. We still have far too many times where we can't understand him, his problems are many and the SALT team never seem quite settled on which way to take him. He's not had any valuable SALT time for about 8 months now, the last block (December) was full of illness etc and we had 2 out of 6 sessions. His therapist has since left and we've been on a waiting list ever since.
His speech is having a huge impact on his day to day learning at school, he can just about do initial sounds but that's about it. Words he knows come from him remembering them after weeks and weeks of constant reinforcement.
What can I expect from the meeting? What can I do to prepare for it? I'll be writing loads down but what will they discuss with me???
Also who's arse can I kick about the lack of SALT input??? I'm still waiting for a report from the assessment I made them do in March Tia

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