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potty training 3 year old

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itslookingbright Tue 03-May-16 18:18:56

Hi all

I was hoping for some advice and opinions about this...
Basically DD is nearly 3 and I have tried potty training several times within last year but she hasn't been ready. Between last go and today there's been about 4 months so I thought I'd try again today. She has shown all the signs for quite some time that she'd be ready but she's been refusing to try the potty.
Well today she agreed to some extent... First pee of the day went in the potty and I thought I was going to cry as I was so happy! Then the next three went on the floors... Then we managed a tiny little wee in the potty again but after that she started to get quite anxious about the whole potty. Then she said "mummy need wee" so I told her to sit on the potty and she had a tiny wee and was very pleased with herself. After that she asked for her nappy back on. All this was over maybe 8 hours today.
I guess what I'm wondering is that does this sound like an average potty training day? I have no idea and I've been beginning to think that DD will never learn this confused so was today a success or a failure or just average?
She seems to get very upset if she pees on the floor but at the same time she doesn't really want to sit on the potty either...

Cantstopeatingchocolate Tue 03-May-16 21:37:55

Our DS didn't like a potty so we used a booster seat on the big toilet. It will take about a week but if she is getting anxious or upset about peeing on the floor then it's too much pressure just now.
Our childminder did all the hard work for us , we tried 3 times before he was 3 and all 3 failed, she managed to get him dry in 3 days envy
But I guess she saw the signs having potty trained more than a few kids over 20 years.
She said she would ask him if he wanted to sit in the toilet every hour. Positive reinforcement when it resulted in a pee, straight back to play if it didn't. We reinforced it at home by popping him up on the toilet before bed and first thing in the morning.
If it doesn't click in 3 days, stop, wait a few more months and try again. 3 is still young for some kids. BTW it then took us til 6 to be dry at night (sigh). He's a really deep sleeper and sometimes he would pee and sleep right through it and lie in it for (what we can only presume was) hours since he was cold and wet when we'd go to wake him.
Don't pressure yourself or your DD, it will happen in its own time frame.

itslookingbright Wed 04-May-16 09:50:21

Yes I thought I'd try today and possibly tomorrow depending on how today goes. Today I thought I won't make such a fuss over the potty. I've left DD without a nappy on and the potty in the living room and I'll just see what happens now. I asked her this morning if she wanted to try the potty again today and she said yes so that was positive!
Potty training has been by far the worst milestone confused I'm starting to think that DD will be going to university one day wearing her nappies...

CatWithKittens Wed 04-May-16 10:18:01

Has she got a doll that wets its nappy? We found that encouraged one of our reluctant DDs - they each had a potty and we had a race to see who could do a wee first. (A bit of Mummy cheating by not "feeding" the doll first made sure DD won most of the time and got the choccy button reward - it also made sure the race lasted logn enough for DD to "compete" - or should that be complete?) Poohs are obviously more difficult but as we were lucky that cleanliness preceded dryness in each of our DC it is difficult to advise on that - perhaps a bit of sleight of hand with melted chocolate in the pot or is that too gross?

supermummyyoloswag Wed 04-May-16 12:39:26

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itslookingbright Wed 04-May-16 16:15:41

After yesterday's drama I really didn't think today was going to work out but to my shock and surprise DD has gone on the potty by herself without me asking her to and has had no accidents all day! I can't believe it, I didn't think she would have agreed to go on potty after yesterday but she did it and without any problems! I'm hoping this is how it starts now finally! Thank you everyone for your advice though!

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