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5yr old asked to do a "married kiss" at nursery

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happyeverafterhome Mon 02-May-16 21:43:33

Our DD, aged 5 told me a boy she often plays with at nursery (also 5) asked her to do a "married kiss". I asked what that was and she tried to give me a wet kiss on the lips to show me.
She said " no" to the kiss, but I am concerned about this and other what I see as inappropriate behaviour at nursery - X is Ys boyfriend, A and B are getting married and so on. Am I over reacting? What to do?

MattDillonsPants Tue 03-May-16 01:34:55's probably that the child who asked for the kiss has been told certain styles of kissing are only for ,married people. It sounds like a slightly wet way of explaining away a grown up type kiss he may have seen on television.

But I agree with you that talk of boyfriends and kissing is innapropriate...but you will find it quite widespread among even the littlest children due to silly parents asking their DC "Have you got a boyfriend then?" in a teasing manner.

It's annoying but what you describe isn't really a worrying or overtly sexual way of behaving.

You could speak to the staff...say "DD was asked for a "married kiss" and she often tells me that the other children are talking of having boyfriends...I'd rather this wasn't something that was accepted as normal amongst such small children as it blurs the lines between appropriate behaviour and innapropriate behaviour"

And see what they say. I think it should be quashed. In my DDs school when she was about 7, the Head put out a note that hugging and boyfriends and girlfriends was NOT accepted and that children seen hugging and or kissing would be told to stop.

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