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Cherubneddy1 Sun 01-May-16 07:50:55

Hi, nursery and I have some concerns about my 3 yr old son. The HV and SLT are about to assess him but my mind is racing ahead, wondering what ( if anything) he 'has'. confused

The concerns are unclear speech ( language and vocabulary are good), a strange gait when running, falls over A LOT, and some concentration difficulties (although I'm not sure it's anymore than most 3 yr old boys).

He's very sociable, loves playing with other children, in tune with peoples' emotions, etc. Pretty sure he's not on the autistic spectrum. Wondering if it could potentially be dyspraxia??!! Obviously I'm not expecting a diagnosis for that ( and we're starting down the professionals route) but just general thoughts about what the possibilities could be?

Thank you. smile

kelda Sun 01-May-16 08:02:31

It could be. It's certainly worth getting him assessed. I would take him to the doctor for his gait and the fact he is falling down a lot - you need to rule out medical causes. It could be he has hypermobile joints for example.

Also ask for a hearing check up as this should always be checked if the child has speech problems.

My DS has verbal dyspraxia which is very nasty, and that was diagnosed aged four. The diagnosis of DCD (general dyspraxia) wasn't until he was aged 7.

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