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Feeding habits?

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Sonnet18 Sat 30-Apr-16 20:35:48

Just wondering how often everyone's 10 week old baby feeds (and how much!)
Mine is pretty erratic and I've no idea if I'm over feeding or under feeding etc (she's formula fed)
Also bed times are tricky- she has a dream feed around 10pm, wakes at around 2 then again around 4ish and is up eating again around 8am. Is this normal or should she be dropping a night feed by now? I'm happy enough to continue night feeds if that's what she needs but she isn't having a great deal on both feeds so it's suggesting to me that they could be condensed into one feed and perhaps she's waking for comfort or through habit? Any thoughts would be helpful!!

ClutterofStarlings Sun 01-May-16 13:40:27

I'm certain mine had a little phase where she didn't eat so much a few weeks ago (so at about 10 weeks). I was also worried she eats nothing like the amount the formula carton recommends, but worked out she takes smaller amounts more frequently.

Having said that, I actually think she does take a good bit less than they say, but I'm working on the principle that she is clearly thriving and growing, so is okay. (I don't take her to get weighed, as I feel that way madness lies, but she is growing out of clothes). Does your HV have a weighing clinic you could go to?

Night feeds, I really don't know, but at 14 weeks we feed after bath at 7pm, then she sleeps downstairs with us til another feed & into cot at 10pm, then another feed anywhere between 2-4 then up between 6-8:30.
She had a little spell, maybe a growth spurt where she demanded food every hour or two over night for two or three nights.
I'm not sure any of that is any use, but it does sound normal to me!

Sonnet18 Mon 02-May-16 17:07:36

That is helpful- thank you! Seems like we are all in the same boat and just muddling through! She's in the 50th percentile for weight and has always remained there so I'm guessing we are doing something right!
Thanks for your thoughts!

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