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my 9 month old

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waitingforsomething Sat 30-Apr-16 08:41:14

I'm worried about his development. He was 9 months on the 17th april and is a happy boy- sat up independently at about the right time, vocalises well, eats and sleeps well most of the time including feeding himself and has recently learnt to wave.
He was slow to smile and it was almost 6 months before his eyes weren't crossed any more. My main concern is his gross motor; he can't crawl but he recently learnt to do that dragging across the floor on his belly pulling with his hands. Weirdly he pushes with one leg to help but the other he drags. He rolls one way but isn't keen the other way and isn't that bothered about rolling. He can get up on all 4s and Rock but is quickly frustrated and can't get to crawling from here. He can't pull to standing although he does bear weight. My first child was crawling and had pulled up long before this age and I can't help worrying that he isn't just late side of normal but something isn't right- especially the leg dragging with the creeping

UntidyAn0n Sat 30-Apr-16 08:47:16

Hi. My first dragged her leg like that and walked but later than average

My 9 month is at the same stage as yours, on all fours rocking, and not even dragging himself around yet. He can't pull himself up either.

I'm not worried though. He's happy, eating and sleeping well etc.

They all do things at different times, but I know it's hard not to compare

nolongerwaitingfornumber2 Sat 30-Apr-16 08:52:22

My not quite 9 month old is only just sitting independently. Nowhere near crawling/pulling to standing but I'm not worried as he is clearly doing fine.

Kariana Sat 30-Apr-16 11:26:56

Saw a friend's 9 month old recently and he is similar. He doesn't crawl and though he looks like he's trying to drag he doesn't yet. He doesn't get up onto all fours either and does favour pushing with one leg whilst leaving the other doing nothing when trying to crawl or drag. He can bear weight but not pull to standing. No one is worrying about him, he's a baby and will develop at his own rate. I do think it's way too early to be worrying about your ds - some children never crawl at all anyway and just go straight to walking.

MattDillonsPants Sun 01-May-16 13:55:23

Have his hips double checked OP. When you lie him down, are they even at the hip or is there an extra roll of fat at the top?

waitingforsomething Sun 01-May-16 14:40:04

I will have a look in the morning mattdillon - he's asleep as we are overseas. What about my op makes you suggest that? Thx

MattDillonsPants Sun 01-May-16 14:47:10

It was just the lagging leg when crawling niece had hip dysplacia and that was the first real symptom though my sister, her Mum had noticed an extra roll of fat at the area where her leg joined her body....but it was when she crawled with one leg lagging that she took her to the GP.

This was 25 years ago though and I'm almost sure these things are looked at at birth these days. Also, you'd probably have noticed that extra's quite distinctive.

scrivette Sun 01-May-16 20:36:02

My 9 month old sits really well but isn't interested in going into all fours yet, although can bottom shuffle.
He doesn't roll either, although he is quite round so it's probably hard for him!
I am not worried though, I am sure he will develop in his own time.

waitingforsomething Sun 01-May-16 23:52:35

Thanks scrivette my boy is not a small one!!!

Mattdillon I think these things are checked early now but it's good to hear that experience and it's definitely worth a double check which I will do smile

WiIdfire Sun 01-May-16 23:56:16

Doesn't matter if they are checked early, sometimes it is not possible to pick it up til later, so keep an eye out. Look up Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip for more info, though I'm sure your baby will be fine.

MattDillonsPants Mon 02-May-16 00:30:12

Yes, my DD was double checked because her hip kept making a clicking sound.

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