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20 month old DS - separation anxiety?

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timealone Thu 28-Apr-16 22:15:05

DS goes to nursery 3 days per week, and has one day per week with his granddad. The last two weeks, he has cried at nursery drop off and doesn't want me to go, which he hasn't done since he first settled in there. Nursery have said he is fine within a couple of minutes and has a good day, but I can't help worrying and wondering what is going on in his head. Could it be separation anxiety? He had that when he was younger (typical age 9-12 months), but has been fine since then.

Another thing I have noticed recently is that he often wants to leave if we go to a group or playdate. We went to a music group the other day (for the first time) and although he joined in and seemed to enjoy bits of it, he spent a lot of time trying to open the door. Sometimes we meet up with other mums/toddlers at a friend's house, and he usually brings me his shoes and coat after an hour. Do you think this is something to worry about?

MattDillonsPants Fri 29-Apr-16 00:29:46

Perhaps with nursery and Grandad's he's just letting you know that he'd rather be at home on your days off...with you alone. His little personality could be coming through and he's a bit of a homebody?

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