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20 month old fussy eating dilemma - help please!

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weloveearlysleeptime Tue 26-Apr-16 14:07:55

seeking collective wisdom of mumsnet here. my son is 20 months and has become quite fussy with food. I've been looking through previous threads but haven't found anything that relates to our particular situation - currently DS will only eat the following -
breakfast - yoghurt with cereal
lunch - scrambled eggs, some mushy peas, maybe bits of chicken on a good day. doesn't finish anything except scrambled eggs.
dinner - i try to give either a tomato based pasta or chicken stew with rice. he has never polished either off, and will take about 5 bites on a good day.
snacks - breadsticks, BIG BIG fan of yoghurt and will ask for yoghurt whenever he is hungry. I also give him either a yoghurt or a pudding with fruit bits after lunch and dinner.

He is on 2 bottles of toddler milk - generally first thing on waking, and one after his afternoon nap. I have no complaints about his sleep, he naps well in the afternoon from 12 to about 2, and then bed at around 8. he usually sleeps through.

Our 'problem' is that he prefers the toddler meals from Heinz . will polish off lagsagne and spaghetti and risotto. We were using this quite a bit as it was the only thing he'd really eat, apart from scrambled eggs/yoghurt/breadsticks. We decided to stop giving him these meals and start to go fresh....they do add up on the grocery bill and are, well, processed rather than fresh food. But ever since we went 'cold turkey' on the Heinz toddler meals, he doesn't eat as much and as a result, has reverted back to a bottle in the middle of the night, which is bad for his teeth! So we're in a dilemma at the we pick our battles and re-introduce the toddler meals he likes so much and will fill him up, or do we stick it out, possibly risk him becoming even fussier (read couple threads about this happening) and let him have a bottle at night? he is a good weight and height at the moment, and no issues raised by either HV or GP.

TeaBelle Tue 26-Apr-16 14:13:21

Could you gradually reduce the amount of the heinz meal that you give him? Eg week one give a heinz meal with added veg/pasta/ potatoes then week 2 give more of your food and only half a heinz meal. Then he may get used to it more slowly.

weloveearlysleeptime Tue 26-Apr-16 16:15:35

great suggestion, i'll try that!! thank you x

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