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18 week old unsettles during the day

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Elisa1976 Sun 24-Apr-16 11:25:12

I'm looking for a little bit of advice and reassurance. My little girl is now 18 weeks old but seems to be unsettled during the day - bizarrely she settles well during the night.
Basically she's far more whingey, crying more and less happy and smiley. If she could be carried constantly she would (though she refuses to use a sling).

She's always had problems with wind and bringing up burps, but things were improving over the last few weeks, until the last several days. She was originally ebf but for various reasons I've been combination feeding for the last month. I pump and we use Dr Brown bottes for both breastmilk and formula (we use Hipp Organic), schedule is one feed formula, next breast etc.
I try burping her every way possible - over the back, on the knee, bouncing, carried, face down etc. Sometimes she brings up her burps beautifully (almost like her dad!), other times she keeps them all to herself. I might get one up but mostly she'll not burp or will bring up one an hour or two later. Thankfully she's not screaming but she's not herself either.
Her pumps have also been quite smelly the last couple of weeks, HV didn't think that was of any concern.

She's also chewing for Britain, Slight red patch on her right cheek can't see any teeth but am now giving her teething powders in case it's that.

Could it be wind? Teething? Something else - any advice welcomed!

She is sleeping well at night, even if she doesn't fully bringup her wind.

sisiwarwick Mon 25-Apr-16 10:51:53

Hi, I see you have mentioned the HV, but maybe take her to the doctors for a check up. It's been a while since mine was 18 months, but, in my experience sometimes the Docs say something different to the HV. Maybe keep a food diary for a few days prior to going to the Docs too. Hope this gets better for you soon. xx

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