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Cranial Osteopath for newborn London please

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Poodilicious Sun 24-Apr-16 09:19:44

I'm looking for recommendations for a cranial osteopath for my 5 week old baby. Anywhere in London but West or SW preferred. Thank you!

Iammrsbeckham Mon 25-Apr-16 00:12:15

A little bit outside North London but The Penn Clinic in Hatfield is excellent. I took my son there with pkagiocephaly at 16 weeks which they rated at upper high to severe. 21 months now and you'd ever know he had it.

MeridianB Mon 25-Apr-16 14:03:22

I can recommend Gugan Hair at Elite in Wimpole Street (just behind Debenhams/Oxford Street). She is great at treating adults - she does my back but I don't have experience of her paediatric skills.

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