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My 2 yo is terrified of other toddlers.

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Purplelooby Fri 22-Apr-16 21:25:04

DD is 2.1 yo. She is very short for her age (miles below 0.4th) so much smaller than other toddlers. She is a second child to a 3.8 yo ultra-gentle big-brother who she is close to. She doesn't like rough and tumble... these have always been my excuses for her behaviour.

She is great with her brother and his friends, especially the girls, and acts genuinely confident with them, joining in their games and chatting to them (unless they try to mother her, which she hates), but she actually screams in fear when approached by toddlers.

From 6 weeks old she wouldn't let anybody except me hold her and even got upset if strangers looked at her. This has improved a lot but she still wouldn't let another adult pick her up if I was there (including her Dad, which has always broken his heart. She has very extreme tantrums which occasionally seem to get out of her control. She likes to play upstairs alone and will sit for up to 45 mins with her books very happily. Her development has always been good except for physical.

She goes to nursery once a week and gets very upset when we drop her off. She mostly attaches herself to a grown-up. They put her behaviour with other kids down to having an 'old head' . Today when I picked her up the kids in her room (all 2 year olds) were playing outside and she was stood to the side with her arms folded scowling at them.

Anyway I'm worried and I'd like to hear experiences and opinions. I appreciate honestly so don't be scared to tell me, whether bad or good outcomes.

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