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Are electric baby swings bad for baby's brain?

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crunchymummy Thu 21-Apr-16 21:25:17

Are electric baby swings bad for baby's brain?

TipBoov Thu 21-Apr-16 21:25:57


crunchymummy Thu 21-Apr-16 21:27:12

Relatives are certain that baby being in swinging position for too long can cause them to be disorrintated ect sad

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 21-Apr-16 21:27:23

Perhaps indirectly if you stick baby in swing and never interact with it?

crunchymummy Thu 21-Apr-16 21:28:22

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Not in that way, it was more of a - having a baby sleeping in rocking electric swing for an hour or two - is that bad in anyway for baby kinda question

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 21-Apr-16 21:31:34

If you are letting baby sleep in the swing you need to closely supervise I think

BertieBotts Thu 21-Apr-16 21:37:55

No. If they are asleep, how can they be disorientated? Would they also be disorientated when being pushed in a pram while asleep?

Sounds like baseless worrying to me.

That said I think I would turn off the swinging motion once they are asleep if you can, would save electricity!

crunchymummy Thu 21-Apr-16 22:17:41

Also have been told that it jiggles about their brain membranes and is bad for their brain confused

Stom91 Thu 21-Apr-16 22:29:16

No. My DD practically lived in her swing chair. Only way I could eat dinner / she would fall asleep grin

Wolfiefan Thu 21-Apr-16 22:30:10

How old is baby? May be bad for spine to spend too long in there.

BertieBotts Fri 22-Apr-16 07:56:08

Who is telling you this stuff and what's their source? "Brain membranes" that "jiggle" aren't even a thing!

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