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Toddler just won't listen

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sparkle789 Wed 20-Apr-16 19:21:49

Dd is 3 in June.
She has hit a stage where she just refuses to do what she's told. Im really struggling to get this behaviour under control, and at points it's dangerous (running off) I tell her off and explain but it makes no difference.
If anyone has any tips to help and get her to listen id really appreciate it!

Kariana Wed 20-Apr-16 21:17:18

Consequences! They are so important. Explanations are great but hard for children this young to really get their head around them in a meaningful way. They are important but won't necessarily change behaviours, particularly for things that are outside their understanding, such as why running off isn't safe.

If you are telling her off and she isn't complying there needs to be a consequence. For example, "if you don't hold onto the pram you will have to go on the reins/back in the pushchair". If she breaks the rule after the warning the consequence has to happen (even if it results in screaming). The consequence is not reversed until she is calm for several minutes as if you reverse it whilst she is tantruming then she has got her own way. Once the consequence has been accepted there can be a new start with the idea that the consequence will be repeated if she repeats the behaviour.

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