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Baby with two huge runny bowel movements a week - normal?

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strangerjo Wed 20-Apr-16 00:02:16

My 7wk old son has approx. 2 bowel movements a week. He's formula fed aptamil profutura. His bowel movements are massive rivers of runny poo accompanied by lots of flatulence (graphic, sorry!) Does this sound normal and if not, any solutions or ideas? GP and HV have been vague and unhelpful!

lljkk Wed 20-Apr-16 14:48:40

Is he fine from the waist up?

HandbagFan Wed 20-Apr-16 17:04:24

Mine is 8wks old and has just started doing similar. An explosive poo every 48-72hrs. He's mixed fed, aptamil profutura and expressed breastmilk.

Everything I've read suggests this is fine. Breastfed babies can go a week or more without a poo as they use everything up. Formula fed babies often also go a couple of days. There are digestive system changes at 2m so it seems to fit time wise.

He's not in pain, it's not diarrhoea, he's peeing as usual and he's not straining when he goes.

The farts smell though! And the poo when it comes! A lake of yellow! sad

If he's straining, uncomfortable or there's blood, see a doctor. But you're not alone!

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