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Has anyone else tried boiled cooled water and sugar for wind and constipation.

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RAE1979 Tue 19-Apr-16 16:27:28

I just want to know if it works???? Have been recommended by Hv.

BotBotticelli Tue 19-Apr-16 19:36:06

Yes it does work but it's quite old fashioned advice (I think these days research has shown that giving baby even small amounts of sugary water regularly can rot the tooth buds below the gums).

My DS2 was very windy and constipated and my HV said current advice was to put 1 teaspoon of prune juice in 1oz of cooled boiled water and this would sort him out. It did: massive poo within 20 mins!! I had to syringe it into his mouth with a calpol syringe though as he wouldn't take it from a bottle.

I gave this to Ds2 every few days when he was really struggling with his guts. He was about 6-7 weeks old at the time.

But if you're desperate and cannot get to a shop to buy prune juice (Asda does a cheap 1 litre carton) then half a teaspoon of brown sugar in 1oz cooled boiled water WILL do the same job. Just don't make a habit of it for your baby's teeth's sake!

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