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Help with teenage lying and stealing

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Juejue11 Tue 19-Apr-16 14:00:26

I need help or suggestions!
My son is 13 diagnosed ADHD and ODD around 8 years ago. The last couple of years lying and stealing have been escalating. We have tried the talking to, taking away electronics, grounding him etc to the point he has only his books for entertainment. He sneaks and takes my husbands phone and hacks it in the middle of the night, staying up till all hours playing games and surfing the Internet for inappropriate content. He was caught at 3am today with hubbies phone in his bed (hubby is so and has taken on more than he bargained for)
We are at the end of our rope. It's gone from raising the cupboard and fridge and squirrelling food in his dresser or under his bed (which is disgusting) we even tried getting things like grain bars and snacks that we said if he was hungry, these would be acceptable to eat, but he still takes everything. He goes in our room rummaging through our closer and drawers looking for his phone and games etc.
We have the same conversation every day. It's a strain on hubby as I work and he is home with him after school and the bumping heads is getting to the point of screaming matches every single morning and night. This atmosphere is bad for everyone. Stress is off the charts and I know we have to reduce that all round or we aren't going to get anywhere. What do we do??? At my wits end here. Ready to run away myself!

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