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3.2 yr old still not dry after nearly 10 months - advice please!!!

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pipsicles Mon 18-Apr-16 23:24:32

*A little rambley I'm afraid!*

If anyone has any suggestions on this I would be so grateful! I started toilet training my dd last July, a little bit under duress, I'll admit. I was falling for the peer pressure of others doing it at the same time, people telling me she was ready, and the apparent 'ease' of doing it in the summer. She had shown interest a number of times prior to this though, but due to a house move and other 'inconvenient' circumstances, I decided against starting earlier. Anyway, for better or worse, I have battled and persevered and gritted my teeth through the last nearly 10 months, but all the advice I can muster from Google, books and friends is not helping to solve my issues, so I'm hoping someone here might have some experience and be able to reassure me in one way or another!

DD has a tendency to leave it to the absolute last minute to go, and if left unchecked or reminded by me, she will have an accident at almost every wee. The washing is getting to me, and now I am nearly 6 months pregnant, I am absolutely at the end of my tether! I have not always reacted calmly to these incidences, and am almost certain I am partly to blame for her lack of success. However, recently she has been waking with a dry nappy in the morning (for the last week, at least), and during a week long stay with the grandparents over the Easter holiday, she didn't have a single accident at all. Since we've been back home though, she's been full of accidents all over again. My elder DS trained in a heartbeat by comparison, and although at 5 he is still in nappies at night, this is far preferable than dry at night, but not in the day!!!

Today, I have committed what I am sure is the cardinal sin of potty training and put her in a pull up after 10 months. Any ideas???

pipsicles Tue 19-Apr-16 21:58:57


northerngoldilocks Tue 19-Apr-16 22:04:39

If it makes you feel better my DD is 3.2 and refusing to wear 'big girl pants' . I ask her, she says 'no, nappy' and I've left it there. I have no interest in an ongoing battle, nor time in my life for additional washing. She has gone through phases of pants and is perfectly capable of using the potty / toilet and knowing when she needs to wee (as seemingly is your daughter), but fundamentally there is some reason why my DD doesn't want to at the moment and I think that pushing it is a hiding to nothing. Suspect you have tried sticker charts / rewards by now - if not you could give them a go as imagine you'd like her dry by the time the baby arrives. DD tells me that she will wear big girl pants before she goes to school - as this is almost 18m away I'm hoping its before then, but for now its not a big concern and am not getting into the peer pressure concerns about her being three and that she 'should' be out of nappies.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 19-Apr-16 22:05:35

It took ds a good 6-8 months. We used pull ups when we went out and at night but still went to use the loo wherever we were.

Loo on waking,before going out and then while out. Lots of pants wearing at home. No asking if they need a wee just take to the toilet. Slowly but surely it worked!

northerngoldilocks Tue 19-Apr-16 22:05:46

That's "No! Nappy!" for clarification - ie as a demand for a nappy , rather than refusing to wear one which would be confusing in the context of the rest of my post!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 19-Apr-16 22:06:18

I seem to remember using chocolate buttons grin

lazyminimoo Mon 25-Apr-16 02:24:09

My Sons 3 an 4 months he's not really interested in using the potty but we been putting him in pants an making him try for the last month to just try every 2 hours we don't force him into the potty just be insistent about it . He never asks to go an still has a few accidents some days . He's still in nappies at night . But yea sometimes i think maybe should i put him in a pull up as that's easier an keep insisting he tries on potty every 2 hours . I think my son will not be potty trained for a while still though least he's not scared of it anymore

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