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My almost 5 years old prefers to be with my girlfriends than me

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anakrre Sun 17-Apr-16 23:47:26


I am barely new in this forum, I have a toddler that is very indepent, she has been in daycare since she was a baby, my husband had an accident when she was 20 days born and he is not capable to have a relationship with her. She know him and she has seen him a couple of times. She went to therapy to mange this.

In the daily activities she always prefers me, over the nanny or her uncle, but when we go to some party or cinema with other friends that are in her school, she attached a lot with them and she doesn't even pay me any attention, when she was in the cinema she went to the sit of the mummy's little friend and even hug her, the mommy is not a usual friend, she just know that is the mom of her friend, so I am really concern that she prefers others, even if she hasn't have a lot of interaction with them, such as the example I gave.

Please your advice, is it normal?


Floggingmolly Sun 17-Apr-16 23:51:50

She's inky seen your husband a couple of times?

quicklydecides Sun 17-Apr-16 23:59:34

How many hours does she spend in daycare?
And from what age?

anakrre Mon 18-Apr-16 01:01:50

My husband had a brain injury, so he only can see her in a "safe house", this house is from the government an have police man and psychologist. He decided to stop visiting her, so it has been a couple of times

anakrre Mon 18-Apr-16 01:02:57

Well, from 9 to 10 hours, weekends are the most relaxing way to have fun for both of us smile

twirlypoo Mon 18-Apr-16 01:05:07

Why are the police present if he has had a brain injury?

anakrre Mon 18-Apr-16 01:07:18

His behavior changes after the accident and he turned aggressive

GiddyOnZackHunt Mon 18-Apr-16 01:09:07

Maybe she's just very sociable? One of mine is a charmer and wins whole rooms over.

quicklydecides Mon 18-Apr-16 20:06:40

How old is your baby?
How many days a week is she in childcare!
Honestly ten hours a day is too long. Unless it's only once a week, then maybe it's fine. But if it's five days a week, then there's your problem. Google attachment disorders and daycare.

shutupandshop Mon 18-Apr-16 20:10:37

Quickly, thats not helpful.hmm

Op, thats a really tough situation. She sounds delightful. Shes more than likely very secure in her bond to you so feels able to leave your side. flowers

shutupandshop Mon 18-Apr-16 20:11:48

Its great shes so independent.

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