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hardly any sleep with 5 week old

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itslookingbright Sun 17-Apr-16 01:38:06

Here I am 1.25 am sat with my 5 week old DS sleeping on my chest... He will not settle in his bed. I've given up on Moses basket as he hated it but even in his bed now he'll only sleep like 30 minutes at a time.
I'm so tired, the only time I can get some sleep is when my dh takes him but he works long hours so most sleep I get is 3 or 4 hours a day. Usually from 9 pm to 12 pm then dh goes to bed and I get up with ds... I've got a two year old as well and I simply have no energy to play with her... I managed to take them both to park one day this week but that's about it. I feel so bad, I should be doing all sorts of things with dd but most days I'm too tired to even get out of my pj's... Yesterday I got to sleep longer which was amazing so I should feel rested but I really don't. After surviving the whole week with 3 hours a night whatever sleep I get on the weekends don't seem to make any difference.
I guess I'm just after some words of encouragement and maybe some advice how to get my ds to sleep in his bed.

Lindor Sun 17-Apr-16 02:04:55

Sorry to hear you're getting so little sleep. If it's any comfort, my DD slept through the day while my toddler was awake and then cried all night and then at 5 weeks old switched round and started sleeping through. It is a tough time, but it will pass soon enough. Sending hugs x

Whosthemummy16 Sun 17-Apr-16 02:49:40

My 4 week old was the same, but we have bought a sleepyhead deluxe and Ewan the dream sheep and she sleeps a lot better now !

AStreetcarNamedBob Sun 17-Apr-16 02:56:09

We had the same and bought a cocoonababy from Amazon. The reviews speak for themselves. Expensive but what price for SLEEP!

It tricks them into feeling held. Have you tried a dummy? I was against them but they helped get baby off to sleep

LadyB49 Sun 17-Apr-16 03:18:28

Does co sleeping work
Anything that works !!

itslookingbright Sun 17-Apr-16 05:28:37

Unfortunately dummy or co sleeping doesn't work with this little man... And we can't afford the cocoonababy, my HV already suggested it... Thanks for your tips though! It looks like I just have to carry on and hope it won't last for too long...
It's 5.25 am now and ds has had one 15 minute sleep in his bed, then 20 minutes, then he had half an hour and now the last bit was an amazing full hour! I'm going to go and try if he would do another hour before my dd wakes up... confused

itslookingbright Sun 17-Apr-16 06:15:20

40 minutes.... Is it even worth trying this or just stay up with him all night?

magratsflyawayhair Sun 17-Apr-16 06:24:20

My daughter slept on me or her daddy for the first five or six weeks. NOTHING worked to change that. It was tough, in fact unbearable. Each night is try laying her next to me to co sleep and gradually she started sleeping next to me. She co-slept until she was just over three. Her brother arriving put her off after that.

Some kids need to be close. It's hard now but it will get better. thanks

Dangermouse80 Sun 17-Apr-16 09:10:35

It will pass, 8 weeks everything changed and slept 5 hour stretches. Is it worth trying sleeping in a bouncer, tucked in with blankets so they feel like they are being held. I did this, transferring her to the bouncer when she had been asleep 20 mins, tucking her muslin in so it smelled familiar. This more upright position helped her settle more after feeding.

lalath Sun 17-Apr-16 10:57:32

Do you not sleep while he sleeps on you?

DD is 8 weeks and will only sleep on me, so that's how I sleep.

AStreetcarNamedBob Sun 17-Apr-16 17:31:18

There are some cocoonababys on eBay if that helps.

I second sleeping in a bouncy chair that's a good idea.

Kariana Sun 17-Apr-16 18:11:16

Have you tried swaddling with a sheet/muslin at night? There's some info on how to do it here: but I'm sure there are other sites as well. Might help and cheaper than buying a cocoonababy.

Have you noticed anything in particular that disturbs him? Noises outside or car lights coming through the curtains? If he's in with you are you or your partner tossing and turning in your sleep or snoring/sleep talking and waking him? Sounds like he's a light sleeper so might be reacting to something like that. I'm just wondering if a trial in his own room might help rather than being in yours just so there is less to disturb him, although I know it's not recommended until they are older so please don't take that advice if you don't feel comfortable with it.

As others have said some babies go through this phase in the first few weeks so take heart that it should get better.

Rh1annon Sun 17-Apr-16 18:58:12

Have you tried putting your tshirt on the bottom of the cot or loses basket that may help

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