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stressed out mum

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lifestuff Sat 16-Apr-16 22:03:04

So sick and tiered off the way my kids seem to be behaving the last few weeks all I seem to be doing is moaning at them and off course I feel bad for it but I don't no how to handle them rite now me and there dad aren't really in good terms since he walked out on us he takes them twice a week and thinks buying them what ever they want is good but really it's not I no that when he has them there good they do as there told but with me it's different im the one giving them the things they need like time love cuddles looking after them when there sick cooking dinners every day and also working to give us a good live (as us mums do) but All I seem to get off my 9 year old daughter is cheek and my little boy who is 8 screams and jumps on the sofa jumps in front off the tv when ur watching it and when I tell him not to he sits and crys for his dad a few occasions Iv phoned there dad and said can you have a word with the kids about there behaviour only to be told it's nothing to do with him! This is the man who thinks its funny to call me a fat pig when the kids are in the car I was told this buy my son and he told me he was upset when dad was saying the! I'm not saying there always bad there the best kids ever some times but on other times there not and I'm just annoyed because I don't no how to deal with it just a bit stressed rite now X

MyGreenSofa Sun 17-Apr-16 09:31:56

I'm not sure what to advise but didn't want to read and run! Sounds like a tough time for you, and their dad certainly isn't helping by deciding to play the 'fun parent'. Is there perhaps a mutual relative you could talk to who could try and get him on side a bit more? I would also suggest trying to discuss the situation with the kids, acknowledge its a difficult time for them, which is probably most of the issue with their behaviour (they lash out at you because you are the closest to them!) but try to make them understand it is difficult for you too, I think 8 & 9 is old enough to understand this in basic terms. Hopefully the novelty of dad only doing fun things will wear off and this too shall pass! Good luck!

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