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It's like being back in the toddler years...

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StrictlyMumDancing Fri 15-Apr-16 17:57:17

I have a 5yo DD and 3yo DS (20 months apart) and they're doing my head in again.

Up until now the age gap has been great other than some minor niggles with DD not being allowed to play with some toys with DS around when he was a lot younger. They adore each other and will normally play nicely together.

Except we've hit a new phase. DS is a real threenager. DD has thankfully come out of that but is very willing to either create or be led into trouble. As is DS. Now we're back at the cannot-leave-the-room-in-case-one-of-them-does-something stage. I can't even cook them dinner without something happening - either a fight (play fight that goes wrong) or some form of destruction or someone jumping off some furniture. I can't pen them in a cot or anything any more but I'm half tempted to lock them in there bedrooms for the duration of cooking, etc <tries not to google internal door locks>

This is just a phase right? Any tips?

ArriettyMatilda Sat 16-Apr-16 06:45:38

Specifically with regards to the cooking I've recently been getting two year old dd involved in the prep and it's working really well so far. Perhaps your two could take it in turns, with one playing in the lounge whilst the other helps. For example dd holds the knife under my hand and we chop together, I cut off a chunk of cheese for her to attempt to grate, we mix eggs together, she shakes the spices in etc. Obviously it all takes a little longer but I am hoping we'll get faster as she gets older. Failing that could you set up a specific activity that they don't always have access to (sticker books, drawing, play dough, lego?) so they've got something to focus on. The playful parent by Julia Deering has some great ideas on this kind of thing.

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