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22month old totally hyper and won't settle to anything!!

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GlummyMummy Thu 14-Apr-16 21:22:17

My daughter is nearly two and thoroughly exhausting!! She flits through her day and her mind and body are so hyper, I cannot keep up with her! It is so hard to entertain her as she doesn't stop to play with any toys or indeed concentrate on anything! I have stopped taking her out places as she is hard to control - last time I took her to a cafe, she ran into the kitchen and I had to go and haul her out! Embarrassing! All friends kids are nice and calm in comparison, sitting nicely in highchairs when out, playing with toys by themselves and generally taking in their surroundings. Any ideas on how to deal with this behaviour?

Newtobecomingamum Thu 14-Apr-16 21:39:28

Sounds like she he lots of energy to burn or alternatively is there anything she is having (eating) that could be making her hyper. What is her diet like, also drink as well. My son is quite hyper, I have to get him out. I find going out early about 9am to a park (less likely other people about too lol) or a common etc to run about, kick a ball and explore burns the excess energy and when we get home he so much more settled. Also, lots of soft plays open early and there aren't that many people there at that time so he runs about in there too.

GlummyMummy Fri 15-Apr-16 12:59:13

Hi there, thanks for your post. I do wonder if it's food related, maybe too much sugar? I know when I was younger I wasn't really able to drink orange juice as it had a similar effect on me! :-) It is really all day with my daughter though, it's not like it's worse at certain times of the day after meals etc.

It's funny you were saying about getting her out and about to burn off energy. I do try this but when we go to a park, she often wants me to carry her! She tends to be more hyper inside eg cafes, shops, in people's houses and then when we get outside she is more lazy wanting picked up a lot! Strange!

Jackiebrambles Fri 15-Apr-16 13:01:59

Sounds pretty normal. My boy was like that! He's 3 now and his concentration levels have massively improved. He's also stopped (mostly) running off and into places he shouldn't (kiln room at ceramics cafe is one example we had!). I think it's an age thing but also agree that they need to run about outside or at a soft play place. Somewhere physically exhausting!

GlummyMummy Fri 15-Apr-16 21:58:17

Good to hear that it passes Jackie! My daughter won't even sit still to eat at the moment....and eating is her favourite thing!! I do take her outside a lot but as I say, she is quite lazy. She is mentally completely overactive though! It's a wonder she sleeps at night!

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