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14 month 4.45am waking - every day!!!

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Bubble81 Thu 14-Apr-16 17:56:40


Looking for some advice on sleep training.....

My 14 month old wakes every morning at 4.45/5am. He wakes upset and then moment we go in and pick him up he falls asleep again but the moment we put him down again he wakes and screams. We then either end up sitting up with him till our wake up time (6.30pm) or bring him into bed with us if we are super tired.

He can stir and resettle himself vast majority of times at other points in the night. Usually naps for about 2 hours during the day. Bath at 6.45pm followed by milk and bed. Usually asleep by 7.30pm. We put him down asleep as we need to give him inhaler before bed which he won't take awake. However we can put him down and he will wake for a minute then go back to sleep.

We did controlled crying with him when he was about 6 months to encourage him to settle at night better and it worked. That wasn't too painful as his crying was more a tired moan. Tried it once with this and it's not for me now as he just sounded so distraught.

I'm rambling, so my question is... Does the pick up, put down method work for a 14 month old as I think I read somewhere it's only for 3-12 month old? Does anyone else have any suggestions?


InsaneDame Thu 14-Apr-16 20:12:32

To be honest at that time in the morning there isn't any techniques that will work - he can self settle so that isn't the problem so something must be bothering him to prevent him settling himself if he is still tired. Mine went through a phase of getting up any time after 5am at around 14mo and it was all due to his molars coming through. We just waited it out and it got better on it's own - if he wasn't settling to sleep again in his own bed we would get him out, I would give him his morning BF and snuggle a bit in our bed then DH took him downstairs. Sorry I'm not much more help!

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