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Worried about DD 2.8 mths

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Maybe83 Wed 13-Apr-16 22:15:34

Hi just wondering if anyone has experienced similar with their toddler.

Dd has been high needs since birth. Very bad reflux cried constantly, developed eczema at 6 weeks and barely slept. Has a number of allergies. Since turning one she has developed well cognitively, still very small in weight and just above the failure to thrive. She has suffered constipation and has been anemic since before Christmas. She currently under going tests to see if it's just a bad flu at Christmas that has caused this or if something under lying.

Despite all of above she is has developed well with speech and at her last development test she was fine no issues. She can hold full conversation, has absolutely brilliant imaginative play, paints counts can build do puzzles etc. She s loves cuddles and affection.

There are several things though that are concerning me, she is terrified of loud noise, she gets very upset getting dressed un dressed hates anything going over her head scream she doesn't want to get stuck. She also has a complete fear of men . In our family she is ok bit still nervous but in a shop or out she is just petrified. She also gets upset if some body in a shop etc looks at her. Will literally start shouting stop looking at me and cover her face. She can be extremely focused. Things have to be done her way or they aren't right.

About a year ago our house under went significant construction as did all the rest in our estate. She was terrified of it, the noise the builders the diggers etc. I don't know if this triggered this anxiety or if it's something else.

She had a really upsetting day today with several things that absolutely terrified her and lead to being hysterical. It doesnt help that construction work has started in our estate again today!

I don't know how much is a certain amount of normal toddler anxiety with new experiences and if there is something else going on. I'm considering a visit to our health visitor to discuss it all?

MattDillonsPants Thu 14-Apr-16 01:06:12

I think you should definitely see the HV and if she is of no if she doesn't book DD in for an assessment or something, then you should see the GP.

It sounds like anxiety OP....and that CAN be dealt with. Poor DD and poor you flowers

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