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Nursery woobles

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GingerDoodle Mon 11-Apr-16 19:33:06

Our daughter is at a brilliant nursery attached to a prep school we hope to send her to. She has been there since just before her 3rd birthday (Sept baby) and settled far better than we could have hoped and then loved it

She started with 2 mornings then after the Christmas break we upped her days to 1 full and 1 half day (so she could do dancing in the afternoon) then added an additional morning in the last few weeks of term.

Since starting back in January tho she is reluctant to go and can be tearful and clingy and drop off (she is absolutely fine once we're gone and settled). Initially I put it down to a growth thing (she was very clingy at home for a while) and then ill (she was ill on and off the whole term which culminated in a hideous virus for us all over Easter) but she starts back tomorrow and I really want her to enjoy it!

Academically she's doing well, the teachers (and everyone else) love her - all they see once she is there is this charming, enthusiastic preschooler who loved being on stage in the nativity (she stole the show). Im not sure if she's just playing on it as she obviously loves being home with me, is anxious, or something else!

Any advice? She is 4 in Sept and my first (and only) child.

MattDillonsPants Tue 12-Apr-16 01:58:32

Which days does she do? I only ask because I had similar with my then 3 year old and the teacher suggested that it was because her days were too spread out. She was doing three half days...which weren't consecutive.

So I changed her to two full days on Thursday and Friday which was much better. With two full days they seem to settle because it's a complete day...with the same routine for both days. They know they're having lunch on both days and it's just "neater" in a way.

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