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behaviour difference in school/home

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Blink191984 Sun 10-Apr-16 22:10:16

My 4yo DS, is having speech delays and there is a major difference in his behaviour at school than at home.

Anybody else in the same boat ?

BackforGood Mon 11-Apr-16 00:59:21

Many dc behave differently in their home, from what they do at school. Do you want to expand at all?
Has he been diagnosed with a speech delay, or might it be a disorder? Is his communication delayed, or is it purely an articulation issue?

nic386 Mon 11-Apr-16 09:41:12

It sounds like I may be going through a very similar thing. My DS is also 4 and is having speech and language therapy. His behaviour at home compared to nursery is different too. At nursery he will not sit and take part in organised activities. They have trouble getting him to sit at all. Yet at home he'll play board games with me, try to read books, sit and do arts and crafts or will bake. I have gone into the nursery to help and each time he would sit with me and do the required work. I mentioned this to the staff and they just said that when he starts school that a teacher can't just give him attention. I know this is true but it also makes me wonder if one person can do it then surely it is partially down to management of the situation.

In any case, it's his first day back today after the Easter holidays and I was talking to one of the staff members. I'm going through the adoption process and was giving her a heads up that she'll be contacted by a social worker soon. She gave me a look as if to say "Really? You think you should be adopting?" before telling me that early child services had been to visit and they thought DS will struggle when he starts school in August. They want to come for three more visits to try and come up with strategies for him.

I'm not actually sure what else I can do to help him since the problem doesn't occur at home. It has knocked my confidence a bit but I'll just have to carry on helping him improve his concentration.

So, all in all, you are not alone.

Blink191984 Mon 11-Apr-16 19:10:50

nic386, i finally met the doctor.

My situation is similar like you. The doctor has suggested occupational therapy. And was sounding very promising. The occupational therapy will make the child do activities with others.

I will be starting the therapy very soon.
All the best.

nic386 Tue 12-Apr-16 13:31:50

Good luck with the therapy.

The early child services spoke to me this morning and they're particularly worried about DS and want to refer him to an educational psychologist. I've also made a doctors appointment in the hope of ruling out any learning difficulties.

Fingers crossed it all works out well.

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