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10 year old - explosive temper

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ChipperCharlie Wed 06-Apr-16 20:39:05

DD(10) is a red-head and the stereotypical temper seems to be kicking in. She's changing physically so I know that hormones are playing a part. Her temper though is seen too frequently now. We have strops and seething on almost a daily basis and the explosive temper about twice a week. These holidays have been hard.

Her temper this evening has resulted in her being rude to everyone in the house, throwing bread across the table, slamming down cutlery, slurping her soup and finally, after lots and lots of patience, when I told her that if she continued in this way, then there'd be consequences. She has a sleepover birthday party with a sweetheart of a kid this Saturday and I feel compelled to cancel.

She has now thrown all her teddy's and blankets at me, snarled at me and glared. I've walked away to put her younger sibling to bed.

Do I cancel the sleepover? I risk
Upsetting a lovely little girl though (birthday girl). My DD is gaining a pretty awful attitude - she was a sweet, unquestioning child but is fast becoming a moody, difficult and judgemental child.

Am at the end of my tether to be honest. Advice please. sad

MattDillonsPants Thu 07-Apr-16 01:10:15

Don't cancel the sleepover. It's not the friend's fault. Find another way...something else which only affects DD.

My DD is 11 and very similar...she has brown hair smile

I am getting DD some oil of evening Primrose capsules which apparently help them to balance during this tricky time. I've also found that severely limiting sugar and processed foods helps enormously.

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