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Advice to prepare DS for arrival of DC2

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Cakeymum Tue 05-Apr-16 13:19:26

DC2 is due end of July, DS will be 3 in June and although he knows there is a baby in mummy's tummy, kisses my tummy and tries to talk to the baby through my belly button (so sweet!) he is quite the jealous type if I am talking to or holding another child / baby. He has never tried to hit them or anything but gets quite upset and cries, and lots of "my mummy my mummy". Our pointy finger and angry voice at other child "my mummy not your mummy". I assume this is totally normal.

I wondered if anyone had any advice in how to prepare for the arrival of DC2 and help minimize any drama? We have the house inside my mummy book, and the new baby will be getting him a present for being a good big brother and we talk about the baby quite a lot. He is also quite proud of telling the ladies at nursery about the baby which is hopefully a good sign

I'm hopefully just a little bit overworried but finding i am getting quite anxious about this for some reason!

Bluecarrot Tue 05-Apr-16 13:48:59

I read a tip ( can't remember where!) that said if/when they visit you and new baby in the hospital, make it more about his reunion with you, rather than being mostly about the baby. thought it was v wise!

Have a box of special toys that they get when baby is nursing/needs held, that you can do with him (books/sticker books, games you can play with one hand, while sitting on the sofa/in bed etc)

HJBeans Wed 06-Apr-16 12:27:40

On recommendation from here, I tracked down a copy of 'Little Rabbit's New Baby' which deals with some of the negative aspects of a new sibling. Also got gifts for my 2.5 year old 'from the baby' and had friends help him get a gift for the baby while I was in hospital. Tried to make reunion about us rather than the baby, but he was more interested in giving his brother his present and then with playing with his own.

He's been very loving towards the baby (only does 'my mummy' for other kids his age) but rather cross with me and his dad and acting out a bit. Behaviour scales almost exactly with how much time I have focused on him each day - so safeguard mum time as much as you can.

Cakeymum Wed 06-Apr-16 13:26:20

thanks both. yes i think once we are settled back home i will look at starting some sort of weekly activity he does with mummy (like swimming) so he has me just to himself at times.

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