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hitting and other abuse is it okay?

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annagillian Mon 04-Apr-16 00:11:43

I am not a parent, I'm a teen and I want to know if this is okay as you are all mums...
all few my life I have had a mum with anger issues and a dad who would never help.
Since I was young all I can remember is my sister crying, being so afraid, running and hiding from my mum and dad, hiding under my bed and be dragged out to be hit so, so ,so hard. I used to have nightmares about it. My mum would always drag me along the floor and my dad would always smack me.
But this is because of my behaviour, I don't know what I was like then, but I know I missed behaved.
Now I am older nothing has changed except I get more angry, I swear a lot and I'm violent but I don't thing its my fault, its the way I have been brought up!
My mum will still drag me along the floor so will my dad, they will still hit me, one time I was left we a huge mark on my leg and back I was screaming and crying in pain. My mum will slap me across the face, and she has hit my sister with a chopping board before. And this has all made me hate my life so much, made me want to start my life again but the worst thing is I cant.
My parent are loving and all but that doesn't change anything.
I will destroy things with my anger, swear over and over again break things and make a mess but I can't control it, I have tried, that's why I get punished.
I don't want to hit my parents and if I do its once and no where near as bad as what my parents have done to me, but still I feel bad.
And at the end of the day after they have hurt me they make me say sorry.
My parents have become so controlling, we have no screen days and no eating on the sofa, no t.v after they go to bed, this all makes me so mad, not that I can't watch t.v but because they are so controlling!
This has all made me hate my dad!
The other day I was bad and he got a dirty cloth and rubbed it on my mouth, it really hurt and I started crying, he said that did hurt... this made me so angry!
I really hate my life now, I look to other families and wish I was in theres, but I'm not.
What do you think? Am I in the wrong?

LimitedSedition Mon 04-Apr-16 00:20:50

You are most definitely not in the wrong- it's unacceptable and very wrong for anyone to do this to you and your sister.

Do you have anyone you can talk to? How old are you both?

If you feel you can and you have access to a phone or a friends phone, please give someone like childline a ring on 0800 1111.

Also, please be careful of your internet history if you're using a family computer to post- do you know how to delete it so people can't see which websites you've been on?

This should help you.

I'm sorry you're in this terrible situation.

AnotherEmma Mon 04-Apr-16 00:28:08

FYI all, this is a duplicate thread. The original one is here.

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