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Worried about starting school

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WalkingBlind Thu 31-Mar-16 17:27:49

I have a 3 yr old DD who attends nursery, her birthday is 4th September so she just misses out on the year above by like a day. I'm now worried as she's going to be the oldest in her year.

This wouldn't be a problem for me except she's academically quite advanced (nursery reports and school meetings have shown she surpasses her age intelligence-wise and have spoken to teachers about it). I'm worried she'll end up segregated from her class mates or picked on, also will she be challenged enough?

Does anyone else with little brainboxes have any advice? I'm wondering if I should do things with her at home to kind of "top up". I was similar at her age and the boredom of already knowing what they were learning made me naughty and disruptive confused

I'm pretty miffed they wouldn't just let her in the year above but I know that's not how it works. Just want to do what's best for her as her nursery has said during her report that they couldn't mark her on the same level as her peers and that to me was (impressive and) worrying

starpatch Thu 31-Mar-16 19:21:08

I see what you mean. Maybe try gifted and talented thread under education you might get more replies.

Wolfiefan Thu 31-Mar-16 19:24:18

Have you looked at the new curriculum for KS1? It's very challenging.
I would consider the schools you apply to very carefully.
Focus on building her social skills and getting her emotionally ready.

WalkingBlind Thu 31-Mar-16 21:02:31

Thank you I didn't realise there was a topic for it, maybe I can get the post moved blush

WalkingBlind Thu 31-Mar-16 21:07:22

I think the curriculum will be ok I'm just worried her peers will be learning skills she's already developed for over a year, or information she already knows. She would benefit so much more from starting this year which is a shame.

There must be lots of older kids in the year this happens to so I'm wondering how they cope. I agree totally about the social skills maybe some after school clubs etc so she isn't isolated?

MadSprocker Mon 04-Apr-16 12:53:38

It is so much easier being the oldest in a year, than the youngest. I work with a SEN child who is the opposite, a couple more days and he would be in the year below. As they get older they will even out and school is about more than just academia, in Reception anyway. They will be getting used to the school routine, PE, assemblies, lunch in a big hall. In our school if a child in reception is well ahead with phonics, they join the YR 1 class.

sallyhasleftthebuilding Mon 04-Apr-16 13:04:37

DD was moved to the year above for reading - was put in the lowest group - then moved to the highest - so doesn't have to be set in stone

Maths is all about reinforcing

Does she need work on social skills? Lots of chances there

School won't hold her back - I think you are worrying unnecessarily

BertPuttocks Mon 04-Apr-16 14:27:49

My DD has a September birthday and is currently in reception.

Her baseline assessment when she started school showed that she was at a high level for her age. We're now two terms in and it really hasn't been a problem at all.

She gets on well with the children in her class. All of the children have something about them that makes them different to the others in the class. Some are better at reading, some are better at running, some are better at telling silly jokes. No one is picked on for doing something well or for struggling with something.

DD stays with her reception class for the whole of the day. Sometimes they are split into smaller groups for different activities and sometimes they work together as one big group.

There is plenty of differentiation within the classroom and I can't remember DD ever complaining about being bored. She has already made lots of progress, both academically and socially. Being one of the older children (several turned out to be older than she is) has been a real advantage to her.

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