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walking harness reins

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sarahjam Wed 30-Mar-16 19:27:10

hi girls, our wee lad knows he gets to wear his reins every time we go out and generally doesn't mind them at all..problem recently is that he has been slipping off the shoulder straps, letting the harness drop to the floor and just steps out of them ! are there any he cant escape from? friend has suggested the older style leather ones were the straps cross at the back but not sure if theyre too babyish?

Lostmyemailaddress Wed 30-Mar-16 19:30:15

My dd2 who is 3 does that with the harness style one. We use a lindam backpack which she loves as it makes her feel a bit more grown up.

jannier Wed 30-Mar-16 23:28:01

If they can do what is in the picture the rein is not tight enough adjust it so that you can only get two fingers in. Then leave loads of time and every time he takes it off stand still and firmly say no they are staying on, put them on again and carry on walking. If he doesn't like them maybe give the option of holding your hand but if he refuses make it clear they go back on. I use reins because I am out with 3 toddlers so cant hold 3 hands some do try to wriggle out at first but this seems to work.

sarahjam Wed 30-Mar-16 23:56:02

thankyou jannier,i think its becoming a game for him. he seems to know they are for his own good. whenever he sees us getting ready to go out he goes out to the hall , fetches them in and says 'straps on mum' - so he likes them ok..i just don't want him to think he cn take them off again himself.

slebmum1 Thu 31-Mar-16 22:17:56

The little life backpack ones are great and have a chest strap too.

jannier Sun 03-Apr-16 17:29:40

I think I would tighten the reins and tell him you expect them to stay on and until he can walk with them on you will not be letting him walk holding hands only. then if he takes them off or attempts to, stop walking and tell him your not going anywhere until they are on using a firm mean no playing voice. In the picture they are way to loose and not worth using.

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