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4.5 year old won't listen

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monkeyblonde Wed 30-Mar-16 18:36:10

I'm sure that this is a very common issue, but our 4.5 year old DS just won't listen or pay attention to most commands.

Most recently this has been highlighted at swimming lessons that he has just started. He will avidly listen and ask questions about things that capture his interest; trains, trucks, etc. He could tell you each individual part of every vehicle, which most adults would be unable to do.

Socially he has no issues, he'll happily chat to anyone and talk about many different subjects.

Although I'm sure this is typical, with him starting school in September I want to see if there's any tips or techniques others have used as I'm worried that he might be disinterested in most of the 'boring' things that they have to teach and with less one on one time the teaching staff may just give up (no reflection on them). Can anyone offer any advice on things we can work on before then?

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