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2.5yr old hasn't eaten a hot meal in a month

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starfish12 Wed 30-Mar-16 15:37:52

DS1 has never been the best eater. I just about used to get 7 dinners that he would eat which I thought was limiting but ok.

Now he won't eat anything... even things like pizza, sausages and burgers are 'too spiky', or 'not clean' (by this he means if something is in a sauce, or has a speck of anything else on it). He used to eat plain meat like chicken or thin steaks... now these are 'spiky' - ie where you cut the meat and a tiny shred of meat is hanging off.

He refuses tea every night and has honey and Greek yoghurt - his pudding. He refuses food at nursery and scrapes by on a a few crackers, some fruit and sometimes a sandwich.

Should I be worrying? This latest bout of bad eating seems to have accompanied a massive growth spurt and his language has really come on - not sure if that is linked. Sometimes he just pushes his tea away, other times he's really hungry but he just can't bring himself to eat it as it's spiky or whatever...

How should I be reacting. I try and be breezy and pretend it's not a problem, but sometimes I do try and help him and try and encourage him which is always fruitless.

Sorry for the ramble, it's doing my head in!

flingingmelon Wed 30-Mar-16 15:53:23

My DS is super picky too. thanks

In the end I took a deep breath and made a list of what was actually being eaten every day.

Then I checked it against this, which was a real eye opener.

They really don't need all that much according to this. We were just about hitting all the food groups and I gave him some vit drops to be on the safe side.

Of course his attitude to food changes hourly, so I get that it's majorly frustrating!

Good luck OP smile

MoonHare Mon 04-Apr-16 10:14:18

I'm not much help but wanted to respond I'm at my wits end with my 3.5 yr old. She ets almost nothing. Her diet has become increasingly limited and after my childminder expressed concern! I spoke to my HV who came and weighed her. She is just under 2nd centile - I'm just relived she was still on the chart! My older two were also fussy eaters, my eldest once went 3 weeks eating only fromage frais. So you would think I might have some answers. You are doing the right thing by not focusing on food as an issue and I really do know how hard that is but in my experience there's nothing you can do/not do that will make any difference until your son makes up shish own mind to eat more. With my older children this came when they started school and had school lunches - I allow packed lunch only twice per month for my middle one on the two days I know she really won't eat any of the meals offered. It took a few months but theyre eating really has improved. So carry on offering him high fat foods so he's getting calories and try not to let him see your anxiety. If you are really worried see your HV if you like her or GP.

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