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Puppy fat!

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onlyslightlyinterested Sun 27-Mar-16 17:52:15

My 9 year old ds, has started to gain weight. Nothing huge, but he has always been so slim. I had a look around at his classmates, and there are quite a few, that appear to be gaining weight. I'm assuming it's due to a more sedentary lifestyle ( bloody Xbox!) Anyone else noticed this trend?

Eva50 Mon 28-Mar-16 23:43:10

Yes, ds3 (9) is the same. He has always been a good eater and will try most things but I would have said previously that he had a small appetite whereas he now seems hungrier and is eating more. Now I think of it I'm sure ds2 was the same. He started putting on weight about the same age and was quite chubby by the time he finished primary school. He's 18 now and although well built he is quite tall and not fat.

It's difficult because if I try to stop ds3 eating something or offer fruit when that's not what he wants then he gets upset and says he can't help it if he's hungry. I'm hoping he's going to shoot up soon.

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